Steinway Fibonacci Grand Piano | Piano Price Point

Piano Price ~ August 2015 Steinway & Sons Celebrate Manufacturing Piano #600,000

Source: Steinway Fibonacci Grand Piano | Piano Price Point

  • Some facts about the Steinway Fibonacci:
  • It’s based on the structure of a Steinway Model D – Concert 274cm long or 8’11 ¾”
  • From start to finish it required nearly 6,000 hours of production over a 4 year time span
  • The cabinet veneer is made from macassar ebony wood outlined by synthetic ivory
  • It is priced at $2.4 million
  • Six Model B Steinways based on a similar design will be made available for sale (for less than $2.4M)
  • Finished in high gloss, the look of the wood is further enhanced. Notice the details on the rim ~ the design echoed once more and instead of having legs, the entire base is also one large spiral!