Leaking Pianos Artwork

A series of eye-catching piano installations in Europe showcase one artists Dalí inspired grand pianos.

In Täby Centrum, close to Stockholm, you can find a magnificent grand piano that floats out on the floor. The grand is called “Leaking Piano” and is one of three created for shopping malls (Madrid, Copenhagen and Täby) by the Danish artist Nina Saunders, who is known for taking ordinary objects and making them uncommon.

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The New Steinway Hall in New York City

America’s premier piano maker has new digs.

When Steinway & Sons announced it was selling Steinway Hall, its flagship home on West 57th Street for nearly 90 years, to make room for a luxury condominium tower in 2012, not everyone was happy. “It just makes you want to cry, you know, that here is this venerable old company that’s gone through all kinds of changes and now going through, probably, the biggest change,” Steinway artist Christopher O’Riley, host of From the Top on NPR, told the radio station.

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I’d better get this one right!

A little surprise in yesterday morning’s crossword puzzle!


Why It’s Impossible to Tune a Piano “Perfectly”


Steinway Fibonacci Grand Piano | Piano Price Point

Piano Price ~ August 2015 Steinway & Sons Celebrate Manufacturing Piano #600,000

Source: Steinway Fibonacci Grand Piano | Piano Price Point

  • Some facts about the Steinway Fibonacci:
  • It’s based on the structure of a Steinway Model D – Concert 274cm long or 8’11 ¾”
  • From start to finish it required nearly 6,000 hours of production over a 4 year time span
  • The cabinet veneer is made from macassar ebony wood outlined by synthetic ivory
  • It is priced at $2.4 million
  • Six Model B Steinways based on a similar design will be made available for sale (for less than $2.4M)
  • Finished in high gloss, the look of the wood is further enhanced. Notice the details on the rim ~ the design echoed once more and instead of having legs, the entire base is also one large spiral!


Is it Too Late To Learn Piano? | Making Music Magazine

Many adults are afraid it’s too late to learn piano or any instrument for that matter, but rest assured, it isn’t and here’s why it’s never too late.

Source: Is it Too Late To Learn Piano? | Making Music Magazine

by Shannon Price

A friend called me recently and asked, “I’m 35—isn’t that too old to start music lessons?” I told her there is no such thing as too old to start anything, especially music lessons.

She wanted to take piano lessons but was concerned no one would teach a beginner her age. I said I have piano teachers who only want adult students. Then she worried about starting something that requires patience and study, having been out of school so long. After we talked a few more minutes, she became excited about finally playing the piano that had been in her home so long.


A Grand Design: The History of the Piano

This Piano History Timeline starting from the 1700s to the 2000s hits on all the important dates from the birth to the modern day of the piano.

Source: A Grand Design: The History of the Piano

1700—Harpsichord maker Bartolomeo Cristofori’s invents the “piano e forte” (“soft and loud”) in Florence, Italy.Bartolomeo Cristofori

1739—Domenico del Mela builds the earliest known upright piano in Gagliano, Italy.

Early 1700s—Piano builder Gottfried Silbermann adds a precursor to the modern damper pedal, which lifts all dampers from the strings at once to create a sustained tone.

Late 1700s—Piano making flourished in the Viennese school. Mozart composed for these instruments, which were built with wooden frames with two strings per note.


A Super Mario Medley Played on a Custom Nintendo Piano

Watch Player Piano’s most most recent video, Super Mario Medley, on a custom Nintendo designed piano played by Russian pianist Sonya Belousova.

Source: A Beautiful Version of the Super Mario Medley Played on a Custom Nintendo Piano | Making Music Magazine

Google presents Inside Abbey Road

For the first time ever, follow in the footsteps of musical legends and step inside the iconic British recording studio!

Source: Google presents Inside Abbey Road

This exciting interactive virtual tour of Abbey Road studios features videos, photos and info on artists, producers, composers, equipment and recording techniques.

So, what is voicing?

Source: So, what is voicing? | Piano Life Saver

My piano technician says that my piano needs voicing. What does she mean?

Good question. First off, never be afraid to ask your technician what something is if you don’t understand. We piano techs, like many other people who work in a specific industry for a long time, sometimes fall into the trap of using too much lingo. I will try to explain “voicing” a bit for you.

Voicing is the process of changing the quality of the tone that the piano produces. Voicing is an important step in the care and maintenance of any piano, and one that is often overlooked. Many piano players incorrectly assume that how a piano sounds now is just the way it is. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is not the same thing as tuning, which is adjusting the pitch. Pitch refers only to the frequency with which a string vibrates and is completely empirical. It’s essentially a math issue. A note is either in tune or it’s not. A440 is a pitch which means that the string is vibrating at 440 Hz or cycles per second. On a piano, A440 is the A directly above middle C. If that note is not vibrating at 440Hz, it is out of tune. A lower number, means that it is flat, while a higher number means that it is sharp.